The PlayStation 5 doubles, will be produced 2 consoles: as they will be

The PlayStation 5 could be made in two different versions: a basic model and a top of the range designed to compete with the Xbox X Series

Not one PlayStation 5, but two, or at least that's what emerges from a series of new rumors spread on the network in recent days. Apparently, the Japanese giant is thinking of launching on the market two different models of the PlayStation 5: a basic model and a more powerful. The choice of Sony is the basis of a new business strategy designed to better compete with the Xbox Series X from Microsoft also expected for the holiday season.

Not only that, we should soon have the fateful confirmation on the official date of presentation and, subsequently the arrival on the shelves of stores around the world. As stated by Hiroki Totoki, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Sony, we will soon have new news about the launch time. The presentation date was already supposed to be made official, but the Coronavirus outbreak is forcing companies to delay official events and the launch of new devices.

PS5: two different consoles

According to recent rumors appeared on the Net these days, Sony is planning to launch two different consoles on the market. To spread this news is the user VFKVeterawn, one of the usual well-informed, according to which Sony is working on two different models of PS5, a strategy that, apparently, has been "borrowed" from Microsoft also engaged in the production of two distinct models of Xbox. Remember, the news, at least for now, has not been confirmed in any way by internal sources of Sony, then, as it happens in these cases, these are rumors and indiscretions.

The PlayStation 5 would thus consist of a basic model capable of developing 9 Teraflops of power, while the variant more top of the range would have a power of 12 Teraflops. The characteristics of the PS5 appeared in recent months should concern the base model and not the top of the range. The premium version, however, is designed to give a hard time to the Xbox Series X of which we know most of the technical characteristics.

PS5: launch and price

But the revelations of VFKVeterawn do not stop there. The leaker also spends a few words in relation to what will be the final sale price to the consumer. According to VFKVeterawn, the price of the top-of-the-line PlayStation 5 should be around $600, and both consoles will be launched at the same time, leaving the consumer to choose according to their availability.