The PlayStation 5 will be quieter than expected

The first test videos of the PlayStation 5 console are starting to appear and they reveal a not insignificant detail: it will be quieter than expected

It's just over a month until the release of the long-awaited PlayStation 5 but finally the first impressions of the console from Sony arrive. If until a few days ago the news from the headquarters are leaked drop drop, with the first user tests finally the newborn of the Japanese house begins to take shape. First certain information that has come to the public is the noise: the model that will soon land on the market will be quieter than expected.

Thanks to the first videos that are slowly appearing on YouTube, published by those who have had the opportunity to touch it by hand, PlayStation 5 begins to reveal its peculiarities and certainly that of being less noisy than the previous is in itself good news. From 19 November onwards, the date scheduled for market launch at a price of € 499.99, gamers will finally be able to say goodbye to the annoying background noise, due to fans spinning wildly during the most excited in-game actions, all for a better gaming experience, which becomes less confusing and more focused than in the past.

PlayStation 5: strengths revealed by testers

The noise affair is obviously not the only positive note of the console number five of the manufacturer of the Rising Sun. From the first tests to be noticed are also the loading times of games and the ability to return to the game after a break that are significantly lower than those seen on models released in recent years.

The DualSense has also lowered the tone, in the true sense of the term. Less noisy than the DualShock 4, the controller also stands out for the new adaptive triggers and improved haptic feedback, along with light bars that can take on different colors, including red, green, purple and blue.

It was already anticipated, however, the dual version of the console or with and without an optical drive. The second version, named PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and priced at €399.99, will not be able to load games in physical format but will be able to draw on the PlayStation Plus Collection library, a benefit dedicated to PS5 that will allow you to download some PS4 games from the day of launch.

PlayStation 5: when size makes a difference

Among the new features that have emerged, one that has slightly turned up its nose at the public is that relating to the size. Compared to previous models, PlayStation 5 will have larger dimensions, a factor that could put in difficulty players who until now counted on more limited overall dimensions.

PlayStation 5: the mystery of the user interface

Not a single piece of information, however, has been shared on the user interface, an aspect on which Sony has worked extensively - according to statements in recent months - but on which it has chosen not to anticipate anything, probably not to ruin the effect "wow" that should hit the players at first impact.