The Politician 2: from June 19 the second season on Netflix

The second season of The Politician is coming to Netflix: funny trailer and plot full of twists and turns. Here are all the trivia facts about the TV series

The Politician, the dark comedy that has thrilled the Netflix audience, will return with a second season consisting of 7 episodes. Those who don't know it yet can watch the trailer that, from the very first scenes, reveals hilarious scenes and the typical dynamics of successful American comedies.

After all, the creator is Ryan Murphy, the same of Glee and American Horror Story. Netflix fought to get the series, offering 300 million euros and thus defeating other competing platforms such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Thanks to the bid, it was able to distribute the first season and is now preparing to air the second. In addition to the fast-paced and engaging script, another strong point is represented by the cast characterized by emerging talents and Hollywood stars. The protagonist is always him, Payton who with his political ambitions will give funny scenes, ironic but also full of food for thought. The second season will be released on June 19, 2020.

The Politician 2: trailer and plot

The trailer of The Politician 2 catapults us to a few years later than the first season. In fact, in the first episodes the main character Payton was a boy who aspired to become the future President of the United States and who, while still a student, fought to be elected as President of the Student Body of his school and thus pave his way to success.

Now Payton has grown up and in the second season he is running to become a Senator of the State of New York. The main focus of his campaign will be the development of the New York subway system. In his team there will be old and new comrades, including Astrid, Skye, James, McAfee and the ever-present Alice. In order to achieve her goal, she will have to defeat her opponent par excellence, a veteran politician: Dede Standish.

She is seeking re-election, which she considers a piece of cake, but finds herself having to fight against Payton, a very ambitious guy who will do anything to stop her from running for the Senate. There will be no shortage of funny dialogue and twists in the second season. The two opponents will work to unearth and reveal to everyone the lies and secrets of the other in order to ruin his public reputation. The trailer suggests this frenetic atmosphere, typical of the American elections. To find out all the background you will have to wait until June 19, 2020 and watch the second season of The Politician.

How to watch the second season of The Politician on Netflix

The seven episodes of The Politician 2 will be released all together on Netflix at 9:00 am on June 19. To stream the second season of the TV series, you need to be a Netflix subscriber and use one of the supported devices. To do so, you need to open the app of the video streaming platform, press on the banner of The Politician that will be present on the homepage and start playing the first episode of the second season.

Users can watch The Politician 2 streaming either with dubbing in Italian, or in the original language with Italian subtitles.