The PS5 will be super-fast thanks to the SSD

The PS5 will ensure excellent graphics performance thanks to the presence of a solid-state hard drive. Here are the characteristics of the PS5

Not appease in the network rumors and rumors about the PlayStation 5, or the most powerful Playstation ever, as stated some time ago by the heads of Sony. Expected for the second half of 2020, almost certainly in conjunction with the Christmas period, the new PS5 will introduce some interesting new features and unpublished already anticipated and, in part, confirmed during the past weeks.

The last in order of time concerns the adoption of a new solid-state hard drive that will improve and enrich the gaming experience. Sony is betting heavily on this technical component to improve the console's performance. According to the first testers, the SSD will also improve the frame rate of video games, ensuring the 60fps, minimum requirement for the next generation consoles.

PS5: the SSD disk

This time is Jan Klose, director of The Surge 2, to spread some more details about the hardware architecture that will characterize the new PlayStation 5. It starts with a solid-state disk that will greatly increase the performance of the Japanese console. The new hard drive will allow an increase in the speed of graphics rendering and will allow the loading of games in a faster and faster thanks to the adoption of 60 frames per second.

The director of The Surge 2 interviewed by the guys at Gaming Bolt seems to confirm in an indirect way and still unofficially the already anticipated and long-awaited 4K resolution with refresh rate up to 120 Hz, news of which was spoken a few weeks ago and revealed by Sony itself. Everything should be managed by a new and more powerful CPU based on architecture AMD ZEN 2 and supported by 16GB of RAM.

PS5: output and price

Sony has not yet made official nor the date of release and nor the price of its new console. According to numerous rumors always spread online, the PlayStation 5 will almost certainly see the light during the second half of 2020, while the official presentation could take place already in the early months of next year. Regarding the price of the PS5, Deutsche Bank has recently compiled a detailed report where they estimate the cost of the console at $499.