The PS5 will cost more than expected: here’s how much

The cost of the PS5 coming will be higher than expected: it could cost between 499 euros for the Digital Edition and 599 euros

The official launch date for the PS5 still does not exist and most likely will have to wait until November for the sale of the console Sony. In the meantime, however, the rumors about the price are increasingly insistent and the certainty seems to be only one: it will cost more than expected.

If in fact initially the rumors circulated in the network did think that the next Play Station 5 could cost around 400-500 euros, according to the new prices we talk about a range of figures higher than 100 euros. Despite the cost could then be between 499 for the PS5 Digital Edition and 599 euros the classic model, the price would still be justified by the technologies incorporated into the console. As for the launch date, Sony would be ready to challenge Microsoft and as has happened in the past, the Xbox X Series would be released before the PS5.

PS5, the price will be higher

The Ps5 will come on the market in two versions, the "classic" and "Digital Edition" version with a lower cost. The classic console is characterized by the presence of Blue-Ray, of which Sony is a producer, and at first it was believed could cost around 499 euros. An estimate that according to the latest rumors will be disregarded, since the launch price would be around 599 euros. As for the Digital Edition, even this version of the console will be more expensive: the 449 euros has passed to new rumors about a selling price of 499 euros. A difference in price compared to initial estimates that, however, is justified by the high quality of the console and its excellent features for the world of gaming.

PS5, launch date after Xbox X Series

For some time now Microsoft launches its console before that of Sony. This year, times have changed a bit and if we know that the Xbox X-Series will be released in the first 15 days of November, it's easy to expect that the PS5 can't come out much later. For this reason, the launch date is estimated between mid-November and the first weeks of December for the PS5 console.

The close distance between the launch of the two consoles could push Microsoft to sell its Xbox S-Series at a price lower than the approximately 600 euros required for a "classic" Play Station 5, so as not to find itself offering a console that is more expensive and find itself out of the market. For this reason, Microsoft will find itself having to adapt the cost of the next Xbox to Sony, which instead pulls up the price aware of the quality of the new PS5 coming, both in the classic version and Digital Edition, and the appreciation that gamers have of their technology.