The puppet to hug your child from anywhere in the world

Pari is a "smart" puppet that connects with your smartphone and emits vibrations that simulate a hug. It costs just under 70 euros

You're away from home for work and the first thing that comes to mind are your children. How much would you pay to be able to hug them for just a moment? An American startup has come up with an extraordinary idea, inventing a special puppet that could be just right for you.

Pari, this is the name of the cute device, is a small puppet with which to send a "real" hug to your loved ones, even if you are hundreds of miles away. A click on the smartphone and the hi-tech teddy bear will "hold" in his arms the person who in that moment you would like to have at your side. A device that, as stated by Parihug, the startup that developed the puppet, will help people feel closer. Especially physically. To finance the soft toy, the small company has launched an internet campaign on Kickstarter, one of the main crowdfunding platforms.

How Pari works

More than a hug "in the flesh", the puppet emits vibrations. The way Pari works is very simple: two people can "hug" each other by holding their stuffed animal at a distance. The stronger the embrace, the more intense the vibration sent to the other teddy bear. The mechanism, as seen, can also be started directly through the application that accompanies the plush. The plush  is equipped with Wi-Fi and bluetooth connection. It has no microphone and no camera, so from a privacy standpoint, the plush is non-invasive.

Release date and price

Parihug has thought of almost everything. The puppet can be washed without damaging the motor and internal sensors - just pull them out before putting it in the washing machine. As said, at the moment Pari is just an idea, which to be commercialized needs time and especially money. The startup hopes to reach 35 thousand dollars on Kickstarter to launch the hi-tech teddy bear on the market. If all goes according to plan, Pari will arrive in December 2017, at a price of just under seventy euros.

(Taken from Kickstarter)

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