The Queen of Chess: who is the protagonist Anya Taylor Joy

The Queen's of Gambit is Netflix's revelation TV series available since October: let's find out more about the plot and the lead actress

The Queen of Chess is Netflix's new revelation TV series. Inspired by the novel by Walter Tevis, written in 1983, it tells the story of Elizabeth Harmon, a little girl raised in an orphanage who, thanks to her passion for chess, manages to turn her life around, excelling in a male-dominated, prejudice-ridden field.

Just like a phoenix rising from its ashes, the TV series tells the evolution of a shy but brilliant-minded girl who manages to find an escape from a life of hardship that seems already written for her. What makes it even more interesting are the colors, the settings, the twists and turns and a maniacal attention to detail. But the icing on the cake is her, the lead actress Anya Taylor Joy, who seems born for the role and keeps the audience glued to the screen from the start. After the release of the TV series on Netflix, the attention is on her and on the possibility that she could come back with a second season.

The Queen of Chess: true story and plot

The Queen's Gambit, original title of The Queen of Chess, is inspired by a true story, the one described in the novel by Walter Trevis.

In the TV series, in fact, imaginative moments alternate with other situations related to American history and chronicle, such as the historic challenge between the United States and Russia also in the world of chess.

The plot is centered on Beth Harmon, who we follow from the age of nine years, when after the death of her mother, she is entrusted to an orphanage, where she will spend part of her life.

Here she meets the janitor of the structure, a chess enthusiast, who plays silently in the basement of the orphanage. She, intrigued by the game, begins to study it and challenges the man, immediately showing incredible talent. They will become her obsession and thanks to them she will soon stand out in the environment, rather closed and dominated by men.

She will succeed in imposing herself thanks to her talent, her brilliant mind and determination that characterizes her. We then follow Beth through the winding path of her life. Actress Anya Taylor Joy, who plays Beth, appears in the series from her teenage years in an orphanage to adulthood. She is the one who has captured the attention of the audience.

Who is Anya Taylor Joy from The Queen of Chess

Anya Taylor Joy is the revelation actress of 2020. Having become famous in recent weeks thanks to her starring role in The Queen's Gambit, she already has several performances behind her. For example, her debut was in the 2016 film The Witch. On the other hand, many remember her in Peaky Blinders or in the comedy drama Emma, inspired by Jane Austen's novel.

Also, we will soon see her in the Mad Max spin-off, where she will play the role of Furiosa.

Anya Taylor Joy told this way about the preparation to participate in the TV series:

I gave my soul for this role. It was me and Beth, and Beth and me. We went on a journey together. And I've never had such a strong bond with a character: if she was having a bad day, so was I."

Nothing remains but to admire her performance.The Chess Queen is available on Netflix from October 2020.