The rare cell phone that is worth more than 1000 euros: which one is it

On eBay a Nokia N95 has been put on sale at a price exceeding 1000 euros: it is a version produced in only 90 units and that transforms into a PC

There are some cell phones that have marked the history and the Nokia N95 falls largely in this category.It was one of the last cell phones of the Finnish company to have a great success, before the advent of smartphones that in turn revolutionized the market. The phone has been so sold that even today you can buy it on eBay or in flea markets at a price ranging between 30 and 50 euros.

For this reason has created a lot of buzz the ad posted on eBay by user ujra_uk who has put up for sale a Nokia N95 at a price of 1150 pounds, just under 1300 euros at current exchange rates. Is this perhaps a mistake? Has he inserted one zero too many? No, the price is correct and there is no mistake. The Nokia N95 put on sale, in fact, is part of a super rare edition made in only 90 models worldwide. This explains the reason for such a high price, but the surprises don't end there.

The Nokia N95 that is worth more than 1000 euros

Only 90 examples worldwide given to company executives and some partners. This makes you understand how exclusive is the N95 put on sale by ujra_uk on eBay. To all intents and purposes it is a collector's phone, also because it is intact and complete with all the original films. The peculiarities of the phone, however, do not end there: in fact, the N95 in question is also accompanied by some accessories that can turn it into a computer.

If now use the phone as if it were a PC is quite normal thanks to the various apps developed by manufacturers, in 2007, the year in which the phone was released, it was cutting edge technology.

With the phone comes a case where you can insert the phone to turn it into a laptop. Logically, the technical features are very limited: 64MB of RAM and 160MB of storage space. But who decides to buy this N95 does not do it for the technical card: it is to all intents and purposes a collector's item.

How much does the Nokia N95 cost

The cell phone has been put on sale at a price of 1150 pounds, 1286 euros at current exchange rates: whoever offers this figure will take it home. The seller, however, is also ready to evaluate any offers.