The “Ready for PlayStation 5” smart TVs are coming: the features

Sony has released a list of Bravia smart TVs that are ready to support PS5 features. Here's what they are

To have the best possible experience with PS5 you also need to have a smart TV that supports at least 4K resolution and 120 frames per second. To figure out which smart TVs are compatible with these features, Sony has launched the "Ready for PlayStation 5" acronym. All TVs that will allow you to take full advantage of the console's features will have some sort of stamp of recognition.

The Japanese company has also published a list of all Sony smart TVs that are already compatible with the "Ready for PlayStation 5" standard. There are definitely the TVsĀ Full Array LED 4K HDR XH90 and Full Array LED 8K HDR ZH8, which in addition to the ability to play with 4K resolution at 120 frames per second, offer an input lag of only 7.2ms, making the game even more fluid and immediate. A feature to keep in mind especially in online multiplayer titles where even a single millisecond can make a difference.

In addition to the technical features Sony TVs will also have BRAVIA Game mode that allows you to play with the PS5 with a low latency.

What are the Bravia TVs "Ready for PlayStation 5"

Sony has made official the first Bravia TVs that can handle the best features of the PlayStation 5, especially on the side of resolution and screen refresh rate. Among the first smart TVs Sony "Ready for PlayStation 5" are the flagship modelsĀ Full Array LED 4K HDR XH90 and Full Array LED 8K HDR ZH8. On both TVs it will be possible to play with a 4K resolution at 120fps with an input lag of only 7.2ms.

The ZH8 model even supports 8K resolution for all games that will allow to play with such high definition. These features are not yet available on individual TVs, but will be released before the release of the PS5 (set for the 2020 holiday season) via a firmware update.

Models compatible with this new standard also have BRAVIA Game mode that allows you to enjoy with very low latency and have maximum fluidity from any title.