The richest YouTube star is 7 years old and earns 20 million euros

The richest YouTuber on the platform for Google videos earns 20 million euros and is only seven years old, that's who is Ryan ToysReview the baby-influencer

The richest YouTube star is Ryan ToysReview. In the last 12 months the YouTuber has earned the beauty of 20 million euros thanks to the platform for Google videos. Nothing strange you might say: it is well known that youtuber and influencers earn a lot of money. Yes, except that the richest YouTuber in the world is actually a child of only 7 years.

Ryan ToysReview is a real influencer despite his young age: just think that on YouTube has over 17 million followers subscribed to his channel. But how did a 7-year-old boy become an international star with a salary from Scrooge McDuck? Simple, his parents in 2015, when Ryan was only 4 years old, started posting videos of the little one doing toy reviews. That's all it took for Ryan to become super famous on YouTube, so much so that he now even has his own line of kids' toys endorsed by him. Overall, according to a ranking by Forbes, Ryan is the eighth most influential YouTuber on Google's video platform.

Ryan: the child who earns 20 million on YouTube

Ryan has now built a veritable empire in the world of toys. Not only does he have his own line of toys inspired and endorsed by him, but he's constantly invited by malls and stores for kids to organize events and sponsor new products. Besides of course the 20 million generated in the last year alone by his YouTube videos. Also according to Forbes magazine Ryan is the rising star of 2018 among the various Internet influencers and his success on YouTube looks set to increase in 2019. If you ask him why he's had so much success on YouTube he'll answer like a normal 7 year old:  "because my videos are funny".