The Samsung Galaxy Note series could return soon

There's still no word on the Galaxy Note story: a new rumor rekindles the hopes of fans

The informant Ice Universe opens to a hypothesis that at home Samsung would represent a real twist, if put side by side with the news of recent days that the company would not renew the rights to the brand Galaxy Note. It seemed therefore decided to stop an iconic series, perhaps the most iconic brand thanks to the S Pen, but it seems that not everything is already decided.

In the whole story there is nothing official, "of course" you might add since we are here to talk about it. But the chasing news, often more than contradictory, suggest in Samsung house the die may not be cast yet. There are many factors that have a direct influence on the future of the Galaxy Note series, which has not seen a new generation this year: the market for foldable phones, on which Samsung has invested and that gives encouraging commercial responses, the sales numbers below expectations of the Galaxy S21, and the appeal of a series, Galaxy Note, very strong on fans. In short, Samsung must balance at least these components to decide on the future, and it seems that the reasoning is still going on.

Galaxy Note: "The project is there"

The rumors in countertendency of these hours start from a tweet by Ice Universe, a very informed informant on the affairs of the house Samsung that in the past has not been wrong many predictions. According to the information he has gathered, someone along Samsung's supply chain has suggested that a new generation of Galaxy Note is in the company's plans.

Ice Universe's "tweet" is, of course, to be taken with a grain of salt. It is clear that Samsung has no interest in confirming or denying the rumor in the coming days, so to see clearly we will have to wait for new information and leaks to arrive. Until then, you have to treat the skimpy information coming from suppliers for what it is: rumors.

There is nothing else, in fact. No additional information for the moment on the account of a series of smartphones that unlike the Galaxy S has always given excellent commercial satisfaction to Samsung. So the reasoning on the future of Galaxy Note (and also on Galaxy S22 and later) will have to be careful, and Samsung may not even have yet decided on the future of the Note series.

Galaxy Note, the irreplaceable series

Samsung may continue to offer support for the iconic S Pen on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and so on the next-generation Galaxy Fold, but it's clear how it's not the same for those who have used Galaxy Note for a long time, if for no other reason than the fact that the Note is one with the stylus, which can be slipped out of the device in an amen and stored inside without the fear of losing it or the need to buy a special cover that increases the size of the smartphone.

The Galaxy Note is the Galaxy Note, a smartphone appreciated for generations for the nib by enthusiasts or certain professional categories disappointed by the lack of a new generation in 2021. Who knows if there will be a welcome return.