The scam runs on WhatsApp and email, beware of the Ikea discount voucher

Ikea warns its customers that the message running online and on WhatsApp about a hypothetical discount voucher is actually a scam

Today is the turn of Ikea. Every day on WhatsApp and email we receive dozens of messages inviting you to buy "magic" products or to press on links to get WhatsApp free forever. Logically, these are scams and phishing messages that try to steal valuable data from users.

The latest scam targeted Ikea, the leading Swedish furniture company. The hackers have concocted a trap that is making many victims, especially among users who do not have the skills to recognize a real message from a phishing attempt. The scam is very simple: hackers promise victims an Ikea discount voucher worth 150/500/900 euros to use in the Swedish company's stores. To do so, however, they have to press on a link, which actually hides a malware that infects the user's smartphone. The message is sent both via WhatsApp and email.

How to defend yourself

Discovering the scam, Ikea immediately wrote a press release urging its customers not to fall into the trap set by hackers. And also has taken the necessary action to shed light on the incident, specifying that no personal data has been stolen from the servers of the company. In case a message with an Ikea discount coupon reaches you as well, delete it immediately without opening any links. Recognizing that this is a scam is quite simple: if Ikea was providing discount coupons, they would definitely not use WhatsApp to let their customers know about it. When you receive such a proposal, always be very careful.