The smartphone apocalypse will happen in January 2038

The problem has a name: "Year 2038 bug," an error that will prevent computers, cell phones and other electronic devices from calculating time

You don't always need to be a visionary to make reliable predictions. You just need to look at the reality of the facts. That's what Mikko Hypponen, a researcher at F-Secure, a well-known company expert in computer security, has done, stating that smartphones from 2038 could stop working.

The expert, who during Black Hat USA has made other predictions, bases his analysis on what has been called the "Bug of the year 2038", a problem similar to the famous "Millennium Bug". Basically, starting in January 2038, many computing devices will have problems with dates. As a result, some devices, including smartphones, will almost certainly experience malfunctions. Devices that are based on the Unix standard will be able to process time until January 19, 2038 at the latest: 3 hours, 14 minutes and 7 seconds. After that, a real computer apocalypse could happen, capable of sending computers, tablets and cell phones into a state of meltdown.

Y2038: will it mark the end of smartphones?

Because of Y2038, the epoch-making bug that will happen in 20 years, smartphones will no longer be able to calculate time. And it won't be just a matter of "calendar". Cell phones, as Mikko Hypponen himself says, and many other computerized systems, will not be able to perform some of the most basic functions. Smartphones, for example, may not even allow users to make calls. Just as all other Unix devices will be affected by the problem.

The new bug is still many years away. There is no doubt, however, that the time calculation system, which will arrive at most until January 19, 2038, will cause problems for machines. Will something be done to correct the error? Paraphrasing an old saying, who will live will see.