The study on 10 million couples to understand if the Horoscope tells the truth

Science vs. astrology in a study on 20 million people to understand if the Horoscope tells the truth about the compatibility within the couple.

While humanity exceeds, month after month, its knowledge of the phenomena of the universe and redesigns, thanks to probes and super telescopes, what could be defined as the frontier of the new century - we are talking about space, of course - while science is engaged in a tough fight against Covid and is having to allocate the best resources in research on climate change, it might seem unrealistic that there are studies and in-depth studies, with all the trappings of scientificity, dedicated to, well, the Horoscope.

In fact, astrology has a large number of followers. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, a U.S. think tank based in Washington, 29% of U.S. citizens believe that the movement of planets light years away can influence our behavior. In other words, for about one in three Americans, astrology is a faith.

What is the study to understand if the Horoscope is right about couples

This is where science intervenes, on which we have decided to base our entire idea of progress for centuries. Whether we want to believe it or not - in science, not in the Horoscope - it is a fact that, if we can fly between continents or communicate with the whole world in zero time and for free, it is thanks to the former and not to the latter.

What does science say about astrology - which is not astronomy, and is not a science? The latest experiment comes from Dr. David Voas, a researcher at the Center for Census and Survey Research at the University of Manchester. The scholar at the English institute decided to use statistical analysis to disprove or confirm astrology with the largest reconnaissance ever done related to the theme. His reasoning was simple: "If there is even the smallest tendency for Virgo to love Capricorn, or Libra to love Leo, then we should see it in marriage statistics."

Do zodiac signs tell the truth? Results

"Out of a population of 10 million couples, even if there were only one in a thousand influenced by the stars, you would have 10 thousand more couples than expected with certain sign combinations." Voas applied this logic to census data taken from England and Wales, a total of 20 million birthdays of married couples. With what result?

Eccolo: "There is no evidence to support the compatibility of some signs over others: the numbers are exactly those were predicted on the basis of chance."

Giuseppe Giordano