The suitcase becomes intelligent: now it will follow you like a bloodhound

The technological trolley, realized by an American company, follows the owner step by step. The smallest trolley will cost 399 dollars

If you also hate dragging your luggage from one side of an airport to the other, the invention of a Californian company could soon come to your rescue. Travelmate Robotics has created the smart suitcase that follows the owner in complete autonomy.

The robotic suitcase goes behind the person using the position of the smartphone and maintains a distance that varies between one and a half meters. Like a little dog, the smart device in fact follows all the movements of its owner. The hi-tech trolley is also able to avoid objects and all other types of obstacles that may encounter in its race thanks to a system of infrared sensors. Il device inoltre può muoversi sia in posizione eretta sia in senso orizzontale ad un velocità che può raggiungere i 6 Km/h. Il progetto è stato lanciato su Indiegogo, un sito internazionale di crowdfunding dove l’azienda punta a raggiungere i 100.000 dollari di finanziamento.

Le caratteristiche della valigia intelligente

travelmate.jpgFonte foto: Indiegogo

Si potrà controllare la valigia direttamente dallo smartphone

In caso di furto o smarrimento, ad esempio il device avvisa immediatamente il proprietario facendo scattare l’allarme direttamente sullo smartphone. Superati infatti i 4 metri di distanza, il trolley intelligente invierà un avviso al telefonino della persona e farà suonare anche la sirena che è installata nella valigia.

L’invenzione però lascia alcuni interrogativi. At the moment as you can see from the video,  the suitcase has been tested in what appears to be a deserted airport. It will be necessary to understand how it will behave in a crowded airport. In the meantime, Travelmate Robotics says it is trying to refine the operation of the siren so that the device doesn't go off in those situations where the suitcase normally separates from its owner, such as right after check-in.

Price. The suitcase will be launched in three sizes at a price starting at $399 for the basic version and going up to $595 for the larger one. The intermediate model will cost $495.

(The video in the opening This Futuristic Robot Suitcase Moves On Its Own and Follows You is taken from YouTube)

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