The three TV series to watch if you liked Dark

Did you love the TV series Dark and are looking for similar content? We recommend you three alternatives that might keep you glued to the screen

Dark - also known as The Secrets of Winden - is the 2017 German TV series produced by Netflix, which captured the attention of the audience from the very first episodes. It takes us to Winden, a town in the Rhineland where nothing interesting ever happens, until one day some kids, including Erik, go missing. The police immediately set to work to solve the situation.

Quite soon, several truths related to the town come to light. In particular, it turns out that those are not the only people to have disappeared, 33 years earlier a very similar phenomenon occurred in the territory. From here starts the real journey of Dark, a TV series that skillfully combines the drama, thriller and science fiction genres. The plot is developed in three temporal dimensions, through which we can learn more about the plot and also the characters. If you loved Dark and would like to watch a similar TV series, here are the ones you might like.

Babylon Berlin: the series to watch on NOW TV

Nowadays there are so many streaming services that watching all the available series is a real feat. That's why it is important to orient ourselves based on what we have already watched with interest and passion. If you liked Dark, then we recommend the TV series Babylon Berlin, consisting of three seasons available on NOW TV.

The content, inspired by the books of Volker Kutscher, is set in the Germany of the twenties and is centered on the events of Commissioner Gereon Rath, recently moved to Berlin. During his investigations he discovers that the city, seemingly quiet in which he lives, is actually heavily compromised by shady rounds of extortion, blackmail and crime. The plot is really compelling but this film has another quality: it allows us to know the climate of the German territory in a fundamental phase of history, one that then offered fertile ground to the birth of Nazism.

Curon: the Italian series of Netflix

The second TV series, nicknamed the "Italian Dark" is Curon, named after the homonymous town in the province of Bolzano that serves as a backdrop to the story. Curon Venosta is famous because it is home to Lake Resia, from where a mysterious bell tower sprouts. This view has inspired many legends and stories.

The TV series tells the story of Anna, a mother who decides to return with her twins, Mauro and Dalia, to the town where she was born, but soon disappears, leaving her traces. Her children will be involved in a real supernatural journey to find out where their mother is hiding. For the time being, you can watch the first season of Curon, consisting of 7 episodes of about 40 minutes each.

Hanna: the thriller series on Amazon Prime Video

The third and last content that we recommend you watch is titled Hanna and is available on Amazon's video platform. It is inspired by the 2011 film of the same name and tells precisely the story of a young girl who is brought by Erik Heller, an old CIA agent, to a military facility.

For her, the man plays to all intents and purposes the role of a father: from a young age he trains her to defend herself and fight against any threat. In fact, Erik was once part of a CIA program that recruited young pregnant women, whose children were genetically modified to become super soldiers.

Erik falls in love with Johanna, Hanna's mother, and decides to save the child. The TV series has a very fascinating and complex story, as well as an excellent thriller content that keeps you glued to the couch.