The tricks to understand if Amazon Prime Day offers are really convenient

Like all periods of heavy discounts, Amazon Prime Day is both a great opportunity and a great risk: here's how to understand when offers and discounts are really advantageous.

Every year many people wait for Amazon Prime Day, the two days dedicated to discounts and offers on Amazon. Like every year, the anticipation is high because there are high chances to save money on millions of products, but how to find out if the offers are really convenient? Here are the most effective tricks for an advantageous shopping without regrets.

Doing shopping online during the offers is like going shopping when you are hungry: you see many products, you let yourself be charmed by what flows on the screen of your computer or smartphone, the desire to make purchases rises and often you find the house full of objects that you do not need and the empty wallet in the pocket. To avoid nasty surprises on the account at the end of Amazon Prime Day is therefore appropriate to make a small list of products needed for real, discarding everything that is unnecessary and that probably could remain unused and end up directly into oblivion.

Amazon Prime Day: the price is the first parameter of evaluation

Another rule to keep in mind when shopping during the offers is to understand if a price, as it appears at the time, is really convenient. To do this, you just need a simple trick that is even easier when it comes to e-shopping platforms like Amazon: you have to evaluate the difference between the original cost, that is the starting one, and the discounted one.

Also the list price can help in the calculation, highlighting price variations that are not particularly exciting in terms of savings. Last trick in economic terms is to check price variations over time: since there are many factors that can influence, such as availability in Amazon warehouses or the release of direct competitors, new models and the like, keeping an eye on any fluctuation can make the choice veer to other time periods or any specific offers, such as Cyber Monday can be for a technology product compared to other types of less convenient sales.

It takes patience and a lot of observation, but the result is worth the candle, especially if we can take advantage of some lightning offers on a limited number of specimens.

Amazon Prime Day: is it the right product to buy?

Aside the economic question, we need to move on to the technical specifications. First of all, you should always check the year of production. If for some objects this advice can be ignored, when it comes to technology or computing it becomes a factor of primary importance.

A product with a life of 3-4 years can be proposed with a strong discount, even very tempting, but it could already be obsolete and with more modern versions at slightly higher prices but advantageous because the product will last longer. In addition, it may no longer be supported in the near future, thus risking to find yourself with a new device but technologically unusable. Is it worth saving so much? Probably not.

Last but not least is the brand. During Amazon Prime Day, as well as during other sales periods on the platform, some items of little-known brands undergo truly remarkable downward price changes. What can happen though in case it breaks? Are there service centers you can rely on? If these questions leave too many doubts or perplexities, falling back on products from more well-known manufacturers, even at slightly higher prices may be the best choice.

And speaking of doubts or perplexities, spending a few minutes to take a look at customer reviews can be of great help. If what we've been eyeing has already been bought and rated positively according to the criteria we're most interested in, we're probably making the right purchase. But, in fact, the reviews to read first are the most negative ones: if we find several in which those who bought the product always complain about the same thing, then it is likely that it is a technical defect common to all specimens.

In any case, let's always remember that, during Prime Day, Amazon changes the policy of returns to give more time to customers to understand if the product they have purchased is valid and if the offer they have accepted is really convenient.

Let's remember, finally, that Amazon Prime Day is reserved only for members of the Amazon Prime program. Those who are not yet subscribed to Amazon Prime, can activate their 30-day trial subscription for free by clicking here.