The tricks to use Facebook like a professional

To take advantage of all the services offered by the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg you need to know some tricks that will turn you into a professional

The billion monthly active users is just the first of many goals that Facebook has achieved in recent years. But for the future, the social network is ready to amaze: as the data shows, in the coming years Facebook will devote more and more space to mobile in the hope of reaching as many people as possible.

The social platform is increasingly becoming a media company active on several fronts: with the purchase of Oculus has launched a virtual reality viewer that in the coming years will be increasingly integrated with Facebook, while with the introduction of Live movies is proposing itself as a streaming video service ready to give battle to a giant like YouTube. From a simple site where you can catch up with old school friends, Facebook has become a tool we can't do without. According to a recent survey, 82% of Italians would like to unsubscribe from the social network but are afraid of losing contact with loved ones.

But users are especially afraid of losing the many more or less free services that Facebook provides. Such as Facebook Gameroom, the new application created by the Menlo Park company that collects all the best video games on the social network. But to take full advantage of all the features offered by Facebook you need to know some tricks that allow you to simplify and speed up the use of the social network. Tricks that may seem trivial, but in reality are not. To get to know them and become a Facebook professional, just browse through the photo gallery.