The tricks you don’t know to defend yourself from call centers

To defend yourself from call center calls you also need to know some very simple tricks: here are what they are

Smartphones integrate increasingly advanced systems to allow users to defend themselves from call center calls. Both Android and iOS operating systems have integrated automated systems in recent years that help users recognize unwanted calls. Despite the help of artificial intelligence, it happens very often to receive a call from the call center from a number that the automated system cannot recognize.

What to do in such cases? And how to defend yourself from call center traps? Many users do not know that there are very simple tricks to avoid becoming victims of phone scams and similar. It often happens to make trivial mistakes that then pay dearly. A very simple example: you should never answer with "yes" to calls from private numbers or numbers that you do not know. In fact, the "yes" can be used against us to activate paid subscriptions or other services that empty the account of the SIM card, or that force us to change the manager of household utilities. Here are some tips to follow to defend yourself from call centers.

Mistakes not to make when answering a call center

There are some simple and trivial tips to put in place when you receive a call from a private number or that you do not know. Very often behind these numbers are hiding just the call centers and then you have to prevent any mistakes that you might make and that could cost us dearly. What should you do, then? First of all, never answer with a simple "Yes" to incoming calls from contacts not registered in the address book. The simple "Yes" could be extrapolated from the rest of the call to activate subscriptions to paid services. Or sign up for a new household contract. This is also the case if, after answering, you are asked "Can you hear me?". Also in this case, never answer with a simple "Yes".

Also, if you notice that you are receiving persistent calls from the same telephone number, in addition to blocking it, enter your number in the opposition register. This way you should be removed from the database used by call centers to contact people.

How to block calls from call centers

Android smartphones and iPhones have built-in artificial intelligence systems that alert you when the incoming call is from a suspicious number, but they are not always efficient. That's why there are other tools that users should and can put in place when answering a call center.

If you have an Android smartphone, the best system is to block the phone number of the unwanted call you just received. How to do that? You need to open the Phone app, press on the three vertical dots present next to the phone number and from the menu that comes out you need to select Block Number. In this way, the contact will be placed on a sort of black list and will no longer be able to call us.

For those who have an iPhone, the procedure to follow is just as simple. To block a contact you need to go to the Phones app, then to the Recents section and press on the "I" icon next to the phone number. A new screen will open and at the bottom you'll find the words "Block Contact".

Alternatively, you can use third-party apps such as True Caller that allow you to recognize call center numbers and block them automatically.