The TV series and movies coming in August 2020 on Netflix

From the long-awaited return of Lucifer to the arrival of an interactive episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: the month of August is full of news

Summer 2020 is in full swing, with its quirks and peculiarities, made of social distancing and vacations in the vicinity, preferably in Italy or neighboring countries. Despite being a different season from the others, there is something that hasn't changed: we're talking about the couch, the remote control and, above all, TV series or a movie to watch on Netflix.

A few days ago, the list of movies and TV series coming in August was published and the public could notice, not only cult content but also many original titles. Among the great returns stands out the fifth season of Lucifer, The Rain, the fourth season of the dystopian series 3% and an interactive episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In addition to these TV series, there will also be original movies like Project Power or some great movie classics like Saturday Night Fever and The Mummy. In short, it's going to be a hot August full of news.

August 2020 Netflix news: original and non-original TV series

The month of July 2020 ends with the release of new episodes of two TV series very loved by the audience, namely the second season of The Umbrella Academy and the fifth season of Vis a Vis. But already from the first days of August there is no shortage of news from the original series front. For example, on August 5 comes a special interactive episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, where Kimmy's fate and choices are chosen directly by the viewer.

On August 6 is the turn of the third season of The Rain, a sci-fi series that tells the consequences of a virus carried by the rain. On August 7 will arrive the third season of Alto Mare, series set in the forties that tells the events that take place aboard a luxury boat that travels from Spain to Brazil.

On August 12 on Netflix will be released the fifth season of Greenleaf, while Friday 14 will finally be available the fourth season of 3% a dystopian series where people, after passing several tests, are allowed to live in the "better side" of the world, divided into devastation and progress. Other new releases will also arrive on the same day: the second season of Dirty John and the new Netflix original series, namely The Robbery of the Century, based on the theft of 33 million dollars from the Central Bank of Colombia in 1994.

Another new series, this time of Korean origin, instead is expected on August 16 and is titled It's okay not to be okay. Finally, the month closes with a great and long-awaited return, that of Lucifer Morningstar.

Aside the original series, two non-original ones will be released: the fifth season of Gotham and the first of The Perfect Landing.

New August 2020 Netflix: original and non-original movies

On the platform in August will debut many original films. On August 4 will arrive Malibu Rescue: A New Wave, a family film centered on the summer challenge of a group of kids, the Platesses, who return to Malibu beach to unexpectedly participate in the International Beachmaster Championship. On August 7, it will be the turn of Berlin, Berlin: Lolle on the Run, a sequel to the TV series that tells the story of Lolle. The same day will be released Work It, which tells the story of Quinn (Sabrina Carpenter) a girl who strives to become a professional dancer.

From August 14, viewers will be able to see Project Power, action film that tells the existence of a pill that is able to give five minutes of power to those who take it. Unfortunately, it has side effects that the protagonist, played by actor Jamie Foxx will strive to understand and unmask.

On August 21 comes The Last Shot of Mom, another fun movie for kids, while on August 28 will be made available Secret Origins, a compelling film where a group of cops, with the help of some comic book fans, chase a killer who recreates the stories of famous superheroes.

Along with these original titles, there will be no shortage of classic and already famous movies, but it is always nice to see them again. Among these are Basic Instinct, Perfect Murder, Duplicity and Saturday Night Fever, available from August 1st. Also arriving will be The Mummy and Freddy vs. Jason, perfect for lovers of action and tension. On August 11 it will be possible to see Hotel Transylvania and The Legend of Tarzan, while on August 18 it will be the turn of Venom, centered on the famous antagonist of Spider-Man. In addition to TV series and feature films, there will also be news regarding anime (there is the return of Aggretsuko) and documentaries, two niche genres that have a large following on the platform. All that's left to do is wait until next month to discover and enjoy the entire summer schedule.