The Urban Active Mask, the “smart” mask that protects from pollution and viruses

Born from a spin-off of the Milan Polytechnic, this mask provides comfort and safety to the wearer. And everything can be controlled from your smartphone

Protecting the wearer from pollutants (and more), adapting to everyone's lifestyle and ensuring maximum style. Six months after the launch of the Urban Mask, Narvalo, a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano, incubated in PoliHub and an institutional participant of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, returns to the market with what we could define as "the evolution of the species" of its protective mask for the respiratory tract. It is called Urban Active Mask and, among the many features, it integrates a module that allows it to synchronize with any smartphone.

A smart mask, then, that will allow the wearer to control and adjust its functionality and monitor the quality of the air you breathe. In short, an IoT device in full swing, which from March 2 is available on Kickstarter with an international crowdfunding campaign.

Active Shield, the "hi-tech shield" of Urban Active Mask

The big difference between the "first" and "second" generation of protective masks designed and produced by Narvalo is represented by the Active Shield, a device that integrates sensors and devices that ensure the proper functioning of the "ventilation" system of the smart mask by Narvalo. Inside the "shield" there are fans, filters and communication systems that allow the wearer of the Urban Active Mask to monitor various parameters and make sure that everything is working at its best.

The fan in the Active Shield, for example, is designed to constantly optimize the flow of air inside the mask by reducing the accumulation of heat, humidity and especially CO2. The fan speed, in fact, is automatically adjusted based on data collected by sensors inside the mask, ensuring maximum comfort. In this way, the quality of the air inside the mask will always be optimal and will avoid that those who wear glasses are forced to see a world in shades ... blurred.

Not only: the Active Shield designed by technicians and engineers Narvalo contains the necessary technology to ensure synchronization with the smartphone. By downloading the Narvalo App on their mobile device, the wearer of the smart mask will always be able to visualize the data related to their "respiratory performance" and control the quality of the air they breathe. Thanks to the GPS sensor of the smartphone, in fact, it will be possible to track the movements of the user and thus verify whether you are walking in a more or less polluted area of the city.

Protection guaranteed (almost) 100%

The conception and design of the Urban Active Mask was born well before the explosion of the Covid-19 emergency. Nevertheless, Narvalo's smart mask guarantees a complete protection, or almost, to whoever wears it, both from polluting particles (such as PM10 or PM2.5, "invisible killers" that every year kill more than 60 thousand people in Italy alone) and from viruses and other pathogens. The special filters mounted on the Active Shield, in fact, protect against air pollution, odors, pollen, viruses and bacteria. Thanks to the BLS Zero filtering technology, which guarantees a filtration level higher than 99%.

Through Kickstarter you can buy the complete mask, the Narvalo Urban Active, or just the innovative Active Shield with an exclusive Early Bird discount reserved for the first supporters of the project. Narvalo Urban Active Mask can be purchased at a starting price of 124€ (more than 50% off the list price of 249,90€) and multiple purchase options with additional discounts. For those who already have an Urban Mask, the Active Shield electronic valve will be available for purchase at a starting price of €84 (50% off the list price of €169.90). The campaign, which aims at the minimum goal of €50,000, also includes the possibility of purchasing a "corporate pack", designed for those companies that want to offer their employees a safe alternative for their journeys on foot, by bike or scooter.

"With the Urban Active we are pioneering the smart mask market with the intent to bring 'Air of change', as our payoff states, and transform the mask from a protective device to an informational device, able to provide important information on respiratory performance - explain Venanzio Arquilla, Professor at the Politecnico di Milano and President of Narvalo, and Ewoud Westerduin, co-founder and Head of Design of Narvalo. Thanks to the design, the valve and the features that we have studied and tested with thousands of customers in recent months, this mask is in fact one of the most comfortable FFP3 on the market, a product that combines respiratory rate tracking with an IoT ecosystem and internal airflow, for an unprecedented breathing experience in the city."

Content courtesy of Narvalo