The website to find out which stores make home delivery

Iorestoacasa-delivery is a website that shows the stores that make home delivery in your municipality and in the nearby ones. Here's how it works

I'm staying home is the mantra to be compulsorily respected in these difficult and convulsive days for our country. To slow down the contagion from Covid-19 the only solution is to stay at home and reduce social contacts to a minimum, even with the closest relatives. The exits are allowed only for reasons of necessity, such as shopping, but if you do not want to risk there is a viable alternative: home delivery.

Most businesses are closed: restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, but home delivery is allowed. The difficulty, however, is to know which stores in your vicinity carry out door-to-door delivery. Fortunately, the network once again comes to our aid, a group of boys has created the site "" where each person can report and add businesses that make home deliveries. Using the platform is very simple and intuitive: just enter the zip code or the name of your municipality and you immediately find out which are the nearest stores.

What is it and how it works

In recent weeks have been born some websites that help Italians to stay at home or go out only at times when there are fewer people to do the shopping. An example is, a website that shows the minutes of queue to be done before entering a supermarket. has a similar intent, but slightly different. In this case, it helps users locate stores and stores that make home deliveries. Recall that the decree of the President of the Council obliges the closure of most stores, but allows home deliveries, respecting all the safety rules of the case.

Using the website is very simple: just access through the browser of your computer or smartphone, and in the box at the top left with the words "Insert your zip code" you must write the postal code of your municipality. Alternatively, you can select the Province and the Municipality from the drop-down menu.

The site is divided by product categories: in addition to stores that sell food products, there are also pharmacies, pet products, restaurants, bakeries, greengrocers, delicatessens, fishmongers, ice cream parlors, herbalists, newsstands, tobacco shops, wine stores and more.

Each store that is added to the platform has its own box with the name, the commercial category, the zip code, the name of the street and the municipality. In addition, stores must also report the day and date on which they make home deliveries. Finally, there are the products that are delivered and the button with the number to call to place the order. is open to any merchant: registration is free, just fill out the registration form.