The wireless “fiber” becomes reality

Ultra-fast Internet even in areas not reached by fiber optics? With 4.5G and Fixed Wireless today is possible.

For those who live outside the big cities, especially in mountainous areas or in any case unlikely to be reached by the fiber network, the meaning of digital divide is clear: access to fast internet is difficult when not impossible and broadband is a dream. Unless you put your hand in your wallet and choose, where possible, more expensive solutions such as point-to-point internet.

In Italy, also for the physical conformation of the territory, the theme of the digital divide (identified today by European parameters for those who surf below 20Mbit/s) is still very current and solutions and programs to overcome it have allowed over time several steps forward. The most important one, however, also for its infrastructural impact close to zero, is the one that is taking place just in the last two years, between 2016 and 2017, and has a name: Fixed Wireless Access, possible thanks to the evolutions of LTE technology. Let's take a closer look at what it's all about.

Everything starts with 4G and LTE Anyone with a mobile phone contract has heard (and with increasing frequency) about 4G and LTE. The topic is always internet browsing, and when that connects to smartphone data usage, the three mysterious letters are coming up again and again. The acronym LTE stands for "Long Term Evolution" and at first glance is not at all explanatory. But behind LTE lies the fourth generation mobile, also called 4G, which has become synonymous with ultra-fast Internet in smartphone tariffs and mobile data traffic in general. With modern LTE networks you can reach 100, 150 or even 500 Mbit/second. To give a term of comparison, the speed of LTE corresponds to 6 times that of an already excellent ADSL connection for the home line and is comparable to that of fiber optics! So why not exploit this possibility in a wireless key and bring fast surfing to homes as well as on the move?

4.5G and 5G are already here The evolution continues, as demonstrated by the already current 4.5G and 5G, and the goal of 1000 MBit/s data transmission speed is not so far away. In the meantime, both virtual operators and the big fixed telephony companies are beginning to take an interest in solutions that, by exploiting increasingly technologically advanced networks, bring broadband and ultra-wideband to areas not reached by physical infrastructures through wireless. And the most active and quickest to move, in this sense, are never the traditional operators. Password of the new year? Freedom to communicate anytime, anywhere and with anyone in an easy and fast way. That's why Tiscali has decided to propose an unmissable offer that fully exploits the concept of freedom: the first wireless service with the performance of fiber in two versions, the classic annual subscription and the rechargeable version. Tiscali 4G+ Unlimited Rechargeable, the new offer for wireless internet, allows to surf up to 100 Mega and is activated only when needed.

Surfing yes, but without waste

The data are clear: Italians surf more and more often, but they do it taking into account their needs. Those who have a second home, those who don't want to renounce to an efficient data connection even on vacation, those who don't want the burden of a fixed line, have always been looking for an ideal solution, easy to activate and affordable. With this new offer everyone will finally have the opportunity to have a rechargeable wireless line to turn on and off as needed. Tiscali's offer guarantees a reliable and fast data connection at low cost. The freedom of which the telecommunications company promotes is therefore this: the possibility to have Internet at home without the need of a fixed line, with the same speed of fiber, without contractual constraints, to turn on and off when you want. 4G+ Unlimited Rechargeable by Tiscali is in promo launch at € 99 with internal modem for 24 weeks and € 149 with external modem. Available for private customers and customers with VAT number, also includes Wi-fi modem. Customers will be able to choose from 4 different top-ups (from €4 for 3 days to €80 for 12 weeks), suitable for all people who want to experience efficient, flexible, yet affordable broadband connectivity.

Sponsored by Tiscali