The Witcher 2, filming started: here’s when the TV series will be released

Finally, filming of the second season has begun. Soon we will see again on Netflix the story of Geralt of Rivia and his company

After the stop period related to the spread of the Coronavirus, the filming of many TV series are gradually resuming and among them stands out The Witcher. The production is engaged in the realization of the second season, eagerly awaited by the Netflix audience.

According to several sources, on August 17 the cast, along with the entire working team, will officially return to the set and the work will continue until the end of the year, unless further obstacles caused by the pandemic. The TV series inspired by the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski, from which the famous video games were also taken, tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, played by actor Henry Cavill. The first season was released on December 20, 2019 and has already enjoyed great success, but many are betting on the new episodes that will enrich the story and allow to dissolve some doubts related to the life of the protagonist.

The Witcher 2: when will the new season be released?

It has been compared to Games of Thrones, exalted by audiences and critics and now it is ready to return on Netflix. The Witcher 2 finally reopens the doors to the cast and the entire crew: as anticipated, filming will begin on August 17 and will last several months. According to some rumors, they will not end before February 2021.

To make the announcement is the director Stephen Surjik who posted a picture on Instagram where he shows the exact moment in which they are shooting the first scenes: "We are 3 minutes away from the start of the adventure of The Witcher Season 2. We are all attentive but in good spirits. This is the new anti-contagion communication system that reduces contact between insiders. Thanks to Matt, Kelly, Lauren and Netflix".

The works were already suspended in the first months of 2020 because of the pandemic: in that occasion, after a few days, all the workers were sent home waiting for the emergency to end. Now finally, after five months, filming will officially begin and hopefully without a hitch. Of course, it will take longer because it will be necessary to follow all the safety rules and anti-counterfeiting provisions and therefore the production must organize and manage every detail in order not to run risks.

But then when will we be able to see the next episodes of The Witcher? An anticipation to that effect has been released by Platige Image, one of the special effects companies. The plan is to finish the post-production by July 2021, so it is thought that the second season will be broadcast in the second half of 2021, between August and September.

The Witcher 2 plot: what will it be about?

In the second season we will see Geralt again and especially deepen his relationship with Ciri and Vesemir. According to some previews, the protagonist will have to come to terms with his destiny, he will have difficulty reconciling his private life with being a witcher, at the same time he will want to protect Ciri and her powers. In short, the character played by Hery Cavill will be faced with several choices that will put him in difficulty.

In addition, in the second season the audience will be able to better understand how Geralt will manage his relationship with his daughter Vesemir and how he will behave in the role of a father. In short, the upcoming episodes are shaping up to be very interesting, a nice mix of introspection and action.

How to watch The Witcher on Netflix

While waiting for the new season, you can watch The Witcher on Netflix. Just subscribe and download the application on your smart TV or other enabled device (smartphone, tablet, computer...). After selecting the TV series from those available, just choose the episode and start it.