The Xbox Series X in platinum has arrived: it costs as much as a car

From Great Britain comes the luxury Xbox: gold finish, 18 or 24 carats, or platinum and staggering prices: here's how much it costs

It's been a bit of a wait, probably due to the chip crisis that has hit the world of gaming consoles in a very heavy way, but it's finally here: we're talking about the Xbox Series X in platinum by Truly Exquisite, a British company specializing in luxury customization of electronic products.

A job that, as you may remember, also does the Russian company Caviar with its iPhones with dizzying prices. To be more precise, the offer of Truly Exclusive in terms of luxury consoles is very complete (both console side and luxury side): it includes Xbox Series X|S but also PlayStation 5 and its accessories, all available in 18K gold or 24K gold and, finally, in platinum (both matte and polished). In short, if you have a lot of money at your disposal and want to distinguish yourself from the "ordinary gamer", all you have to do is open your wallet and contact the English company: something particularly expensive and flashy, that can satisfy your uncontrollable desire for luxury, you will certainly find it.

Xbox Series X in platinum: how it's made

The Xbox Series X in platinum is simply, an Xbox Series X in platinum: the only difference with the normal one (apart from a small Truly Exquisite logo next to the Xbox one) is that the console body and controller are made of this precious material.

Once you've decided on the casing material, in fact, the only customization possible is the choice of the glossy or matte finish (the glossy costs more).

Xbox Series X in platinum: how much does it cost

But let's get down to the nitty gritty: the prices of these very exclusive products for gamers (adults, one assumes). Let's start with the most expensive version of all: the Xbox Series X in platinum with a glossy finish. To buy one you have to spend £8,099, at current exchange rates €9,450, and you have to wait for February-March 2021 for delivery. Unfortunately, it doesn't make it to Christmas, otherwise it would be a welcome tech gift for many.

Spending a hundred euros more we could buy a Dacia Sandero, a B-segment hatchback that starts at 9,550 euros list.

Spending 200 pounds less we can instead buy the same Xbox in platinum with matte finish (about 9,200 euros). If we settle for the gold finish, however, we spend a minimum of £7,499 (€8,750) for the Xbox Series S in matte 18K gold to a maximum of £7,899 (about €9,200) for the Xbox Series X in polished 24K gold.