There is a new social app: what it is and how it works BeReal

A new social app is spreading among young people: what is BeReal, how it works and why Generation Z likes it so much

Spectacular photos, videos with retouches and filters that change reality (for the better). The world of social networks in recent years is less and less real, but users are changing and asking influencers for more authenticity. Above all, the boys and girls of Generation Z are looking for moments of true sharing without filters.

From this need, new social apps are being born that aim to promote authenticity and among these is BeReal. The application sends a notification to subscribers and they will only have 2 minutes to take and upload a photo, without filters or retouching. A way to share a moment of one's life with friends just for the sake of interacting: on the platform there are no followers or likes. The world of social networks is therefore changing, as demonstrated by other apps: from TikTok, which focuses on the irony of its short videos, to the vocal rooms of Clubhouse for discussions with those who share tastes and interests. And even Poparazzi, the social where only friends can post a photo on the user's profile.

What is Bereal and how it was born

BeReal is the new social app that is spreading among members of Generation Z and Millennials and is defined as the social of "real" photos. Its philosophy is encapsulated in the slogan "Your friends, for real": the application offers the possibility to share a real life moment, a snapshot of what you are doing. No filters, no retouching of photos: just reality.

The app was born last February and is already available in Italy, both for Android and iOS devices in their respective stores, but supports only English, French and Spanish languages.

How BeReal works

After downloading the app, users can create their own profile is a RealMoji, a realistic and personalized emoji to be associated with it. Subscribers cannot post photos whenever they want, but at a specific time. When the app sends a notification, users will only have two minutes to take a photo and post it. The app allows you to take double photos of what you're doing when the notification arrives, using both your smartphone's rear camera and selfie camera simultaneously.

The other big news is that there are no followers or likes: friends can only comment on the photo or send a RealMoji response. After posting, you can decide whether to leave the photo in your profile, or delete it from your timeline.

Basically, the profile you create is always private, but users can change the settings to turn it into public at any time. As of now, the app only allows you to upload photos, but the developers are working on introducing new features and the ability to upload short videos as well.