There’s a bug in iOS 14 when the iPhone is restarted

First bug discovered for iOS 14 within a day of release: iPhone restart restores default mail and browser settings

Apple has been releasing the new iOS 14 operating system for just over a day and immediately a bug was discovered when the iPhone is restarted. When the smartphone is restarted, the bug resets the default browser and email app settings, erasing the user's choices.

Apple's new operating system includes a new interface, as well as better management of battery life and device cooling. Among the most anticipated new features of iOS 14 is the ability to set up a browser and mail client that are different from the default Safari and Mail apps. After downloading and installing the new operating system, however, many users have encountered a bug that restores Apple apps when the iPhone is restarted. In addition, other security bugs have been reported, including problems reading passwords and fingerprints.

iOS 14, the bug when restarting the iPhone

Apple released the new iOS 14 system just 24 hours after announcing it, creating discontent among developers who have had very little time to adapt. However, there were also users who had time to adjust and found a bug in one of the most anticipated features: the ability to set a default app other than Safari as the browser and Mail as the email client.

For users who chose another app, such as Google Chrome instead of Safari and Outlook instead of Mail, the nasty surprise came the first time the device was restarted. Turning the iPhone off and back on, the iOS 14 bug restores Apple apps as default. The only solution is to manually repeat the choice of new default apps every time you restart the iPhone.

At the moment it's not clear what the problem is that triggers the bug, but it seems that it doesn't depend on the third-party apps that haven't yet been updated for iOS 14, but directly on Apple's operating system. The Cupertino-based company's developers are collecting reports to fix the problem.

iOS 14, how to change default apps

Even if when restarting the iPhone the choice of the default app is deleted, users can still set another browser and email client manually. To do so, after downloading and updating the smartphone, you need to open the Settings app, select the Default Browser App item and then set the app you want as the default. The same process can also be used to set the email app you prefer. Remembering, until the bug is fixed, not to restart the phone to avoid losing the choice you made.