These headphones cost 55,000 euros, treat them well

Made by the German company Sennheiser, the HE1 headphones from 55,000 euros have a powerful amplifier built using Carrara marble

With 55,000 euros how many things could you do? You could finish paying off your mortgage, you could travel around the world staying in the best hotels, or you could buy a luxury car. But would you spend all this money to buy just a pair of headphones? Probably not.

But there's one company that thinks otherwise, convinced that in the end someone to whom they'll sell their €55,000 headphones will find them. We're talking about Germany's Sennheiser, one of the world's leading companies in sound reproduction. They are not just headphones, of course. The Sennheiser HE 1 are a concentrate of technology and realized using particular materials and above all very expensive. One of these is the marble of the Italian city of Carrara, with which the base of the powerful amplifier was composed. Marble that, in addition to representing a touch of unusual sophistication, according to the company helps reduce structure-borne noise, i.e. vibration.

Technical features of the HE 1

(Taken from YouTube)

Marble doesn't justify the HE 1's 55,000 euros, but there's no doubt that it raises the price bar a bit. But let's continue talking about the amplifier, the heart of the German company's device. It consists of 8 DACs of the ESS SABRE ES9018, placed inside the marble structure. Sennheiser has focused a lot on the aesthetic aspect of the headphones, as evidenced by the choice to make visible on the outside the eight valves of the amplifier, which are covered in glass. Let's now move on to the headphones. Also in this case the look is very refined. Technically speaking - which is the most important element - the German company's headphones are electrostatic and have an audio range that starts at 8 Hz and goes up to 100 thousand Herz.

Perfect sound quality

The sound quality is made almost perfect - and it couldn't be otherwise considering the stratospheric price of the headphones - by the presence of a high-voltage amplifier inside each ear cup. In the earpieces, then, we find gold, platinum and ceramic. Important" materials, used above all for their excellent sound transmission capabilities. The cable that connects the headphones to the amplifier is instead coated in silver, which reduces noise and improves audio conduction. The lining of the earcups is handmade and made of leather.

And back to the original question. If you had the money, would you ever spend €55,000 on a pair of beautiful, super performance headphones? However, if you ever buy them, remember to treat them right. Given the price.