Thirteen 4, how to watch the last season on TV and on your smartphone

Thirteen comes to a conclusion with the fourth season available on Netflix since June 5. Here's the plot, previews, cast, protagonists and episodes

One of the most beloved TV series of recent years has come to a conclusion: the fourth season of Thirteen is available to all subscribers from June 5 on Netflix. A very controversial TV series, a teen drama that addressed a topic that is very often underestimated: the mental health of teenagers upset by trauma or childhood problems.

Thirteen 4 will be the last season of the TV series and there is no chance that a sequel will come: all the protagonists have decided to follow different paths. Already in the past there were many rumors about a possible cancellation of the TV series at the end of the second season (with the farewell of the main actress Katherine Langford), but in the end the producers and the writers wanted to continue until the fourth season. Thirteen 4 will follow the plot of the last season and will try to give an answer to all the questions that remain unanswered.

Thirteen 4, plot previews

Like all the final seasons of a TV series, Thirteen 4 will bring to an end the story arc started in the previous season. The protagonists face their last year at Liberty High School, but they will have to live with the burden of being involved with the murder of an innocent man.

Thirteen 4, the episodes

There are ten episodes in total of Thirteen 4 and the duration varies between fifty and sixty minutes. Ecco i titoli delle ultime dieci puntate di Tredici:

  • Vacanze invernali
  • La visita al college
  • San Valentino
  • Il campeggio dell’ultimo anno
  • Festa in casa
  • Giovedì
  • Il colloquio per l’università
  • Ammissione/Rifiuto
  • Il ballo
  • Il diploma

Quando esce Tredici 4

Tredici 4 è disponibile su Netflix dalle ore 9:00 del 5 giugno 2020. Come accade solitamente sulla piattaforma di video streaming, tutte le puntate di Tredici 4 sono disponibili in contemporanea.

Come vedere in TV e in streaming Tredici 4

Per guardare le dieci puntate di Tredici 4 è necessario essere abbonati a Netflix e utilizzare un dispositivo supportato dalla piattaforma (smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV, console e dongle). To watch Thirteen 4 on your TV, you need to have a smart TV with the Netflix app installed, or connect an external accessory, such as a console or computer, to your TV.

The fourth season of Thirteen can also be watched via streaming using the Netflix app for smartphones and tablets. After launching the app and entering your credentials, you need to hit the Thirteen banner, select season four and hit the Play button for the first episode.