This backpack helps you find your lost or stolen computer

The company Knomo is launching on Kickstarter #Live Free, a high-tech backpack that allows you to track your movements via Bluetooth

Those who often go to work or university with their computer know how anxious they feel at the idea of losing their backpack or briefcase with the device inside with all our data. Fortunately, the company Knomo is launching through a campaign on Kickstarter a high-tech backpack.

Knomo is a company specialized in creating accessories for electronic devices characterized by a minimalist design. The company has launched on Kickstarter a new backpack with a quirky name, #LiveFree, that will allow people to never lose their computer or smartphone again. The backpack is powered by a wireless charging system called DropGo. which however is not present inside the backpack, but sits in a small side pouch. You will be able to detach it and recharge it. The device is compatible with Samsung smartphones that use Qi wireless charging and iPhones that use Qi wireless charging covers.

How it works

If we insert our smartphone into the bag, it will automatically charge. Of course, not all devices will be supported. So before buying the backpack it will be necessary to check that your smartphone is within the list chosen by Knomo. The bag inside has a special compartment to carry notebooks up to 15.6 inches. In addition, there is a pocket designed for tablets up to 10 inches. There is also no shortage of hooks and holders for headphones and various chargers. And there are several external pockets for all accessories.

Under Control

The main feature of #LiveFree though is tracking. Thanks to a Bluetooth connection system, created in collaboration with the company Chipolo, we will always know where the backpack is. So goodbye to theft or forgetfulness. In addition, the backpack also has an alarm system that emits sounds to facilitate the finding. The backpack is made of water-repellent materials and is equipped with RFID technology to prevent our credit cards from being targeted by attackers in public places or on transport.


All this technology obviously has a cost. We will be able to choose between different models, depending on the different functions available. The version with only the Bluetooth monitoring system costs just over 200 euros. But this is an offer to expire, exceeded the limit the price will go up to 250 euros. You will have to spend about 260 euros for the version with wireless charging. Although the iPhone version, with the cover exceeds 300 euros. Shipments, if the goal is reached, will start next September.