This iPad Mini costs as much as a house

Lovers of extra luxury, ready to embark on spending sprees? Caviar's new iPad Mini makes technology more expensive - and gold - than ever

When technology meets - or rather collides with - luxury, Caviar is often involved. A prominent name in the panorama of over-the-top customizations of hi-tech products, this time the brand has surpassed itself by producing an extra-luxury model of one of Apple's flagship devices: here's what it is and how much it costs.

Russian-born brand that has made of opulence and use of precious materials its signature style, Caviar has recently proposed its own version of the XBox Series X in platinum, with a cost equal to that of a small car. But what ended up in the hands of the company this time? A small iPad Mini 6, but with a price that is anything but small.

iPad Mini 6 by Caviar, how much it costs

Although it is not the only one on the list, accompanied by other versions that start from about 4600 euros, the amount to grab the Steel Carbon with carbon fiber body, up to just over 6500 euros for the Cyberpad in titanium and futuristic design, this specific model of iPad Mini 6 has a really exclusive touch. And this is already clear from the available samples: only 6 globally, unlike the usual 100 or so for the different variations on the theme.

Completely made of 18-carat gold, the iPad touches the staggering figure of 72,760 euros. The unbridled luxury doesn't stop there, however, as the floral decoration is complemented by several 4mm diamonds set in the side frame that further enhance the brightness and eccentricity of the object, complete with a crown-shaped logo in relief.

iPad Mini 6, technical specifications

Caviar's transformation involved six iPad Mini 6 equipped with 256GB of memory. Among the models recently presented by Cupertino, the device boasts among other features an 8.3" screen with Retina display, A15 Bionic processor and 12 MP camera with ultra wide-angle lens.

The technological section, therefore, remains unchanged compared to Apple's proposal but it is the casing that makes luxury lovers lose their breath. Already available for purchase, although not within everyone's reach, it has already aroused the curiosity of many Scrooges around the globe: a device of this type is unlikely to remain in the company's warehouses for long.