ThreadRobe: the smart closet that tidies, irons and washes

A smart closet equipped with a basket for washing and ironing, which tidies clothes by itself and via smartphone app also helps us in shopping

In a world made of smart objects, humanity has reached its highest point with the invention of the smart wardrobe. We're talking about ThreadRobe, a wardrobe that can be managed through an app that tidies up our clothes, washes them, irons them and also gives us advice when shopping. The only negative note is the price: about 3 thousand euros.

Let's think about all the actions we need to do to keep our wardrobe in order. You have to do the laundry. Then iron the clothes. Fold them and take care of the furniture to avoid musty and damp smells. Not to mention that pair of jeans we bought but never wear because it ended up under all the others and we don't even remember having it. None of this will happen again thanks to ThreadRobe. It is a smart closet, equipped with a basket to wash and steam iron clothes. Obviously it can be managed entirely from our smartphone thanks to the app created ad hoc.

How it works

(Taken from YouTube)

Using this smart wardrobe is very simple. All we need to do is register our clothes inside, which it will recognize thanks to the RFID tag that we will apply on each dress. There is no need to fold the clothes, just throw all the garments in the basket, then the mechanical arm will tidy them up for us. The app will inform us when the process is finished thanks to notifications. The wardrobe will also suggest us when to wash a garment or when to iron it. No problem there either, just accept the suggestion via command from the smartphone, then it will take care of it. To take a garment from the wardrobe, just choose it on the app. ThreadRobe will pick it up, scent it, and then release it into the basket. It can handle 100 to 200 garments.

Shopping tips

The ThreadRobe app will also be very useful while shopping. It records each of our garments and will provide us with buying suggestions based on sizes and colors. The only negative note: Wardrobe can't handle accessories, shoes and belts. However, the app can record them. So as to make a complete overview of all our clothes and accessories. As we said to take ThreadRobe home you will need at least 3 thousand euros, for the smallest version. While for the largest wardrobe the price goes up to touch 4 thousand euros.

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