TikTok arrives on Smart TVs

It's about to arrive in Italy too, on the Smart TVs of almost all manufacturers: TikTok has launched its new apps and is trying to get out of smartphone screens

Out of smartphones, to conquer much larger screens: that's what one of the world's most popular apps is trying to do, the Chinese TikTok, which released apps for Samsung Smart TVs (Tizen OS), LG (webOS) and for all televisions running Android TV.

In the past TikTok had already released its app for the Amazon Fire TV platform, so we can say with reasonable certainty that today those who want to use TikTok on the television can do so without major problems: they will have at least one app to use, if not two. Clearly the experience of using TikTok on Smart TVs is quite different from that on smartphones, just think of the fact that phones are used vertically, while TVs are viewed horizontally. All the main functions of TikTok, however, are also available on the big screen, although it is clear that the app will be used to watch other people's content and not to create your own.

TikTok on Smart TV: how it works

Although the videos uploaded to the platform are almost all in portrait, the entire TV screen is used by the TikTok app. The short video is shown in the center, while additional information is shown on the sides. Comments are also shown to the side, so as not to cover the video.

Video categories, the For You section and everything else the user can find on the smartphone app are also available on Smart TV. The quality of the videos is the same as shown on phones, but it clearly renders much less on a big TV.

TikTok on Smart TV: when in Italy

At the moment TikTok apps for Smart TV are not available in all countries. ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, has announced them only for the American and Canadian market. However, in the rest of the world the platform is doing just as well in terms of number of downloads and minutes of use by users. It is quite predictable, therefore, that it will not be long before we see TikTok also on Italian TVs.