TIM down today, what’s happening

Since about 10 p.m. on April 22, 2020, TIM's telephone network has been operating with hiccups. Users complain about problems with fixed and mobile Internet, but the causes are still unknown

Update 23 April 2020, press note by TIM

TIM reports to have solved already by midnight of 22 April the slowdowns reported by some customers in relation to the data surfing service on mobile network

Original article

Since late evening of Wednesday 22 April TIM is not working in a large part of Italy. The Internet connectivity of the former state monopolist seems to be acting up for both mobile and fixed network users. From about 10 pm onwards, the first reports of malfunctions began to arrive, but within a few minutes the user posts became a few hundred.

Why doesn't TIM Internet work on smartphones or with home Wi-Fi? The reasons, at the moment, are unknown and the problem has been going on for a few tens of minutes. It is very likely that Telecom Italia technicians are already working to find the reason that has knocked out the TIM network, but at the moment they have not yet managed to get to the bottom of the situation. Given the geographic extension and since the problem concerns both the fixed and the mobile network, it is possible to assume that it is something very important.

TIM down on April 22: what we know so far

As already said, the information leaked in these very first stages are very scarce. The malfunctioning seems to have hit particularly the center of Italy, with hundreds of reports coming from the central regions of the Boot. Most of the complaints, in fact, seem to come from Rome and Florence, but also Milan and Turin do not seem to be immune from the hiccup operation of TIM Internet.

The problem, moreover, concerns both the fixed network connection (so the home Wi-Fi of TIM does not work) and the cellular network of the former state monopolist. This leads to think that there has been a failure that has affected some network central unit, from which the traffic of the "traditional" phone line is sorted as well as the mobile phone line. It is, of course, mere hypothesis: even if Telecom technicians are at work, the telephone company has not yet leaked news.