Tim, internet not working, what’s happening

Since this afternoon, Tim customers have been reporting problems with their data connection. The problem seems to affect users of Emilia Romagna

For several hours, Tim users have been reporting problems with the data connection of their smartphones: they can not surf or send messages with WhatsApp. From the reports on downdetector.it, a site that collects complaints from people when a service is not working, the problem seems to concern only Emilia Romagna.

The messages say that since the afternoon of April 21 (Easter Sunday), the TIM network is down, at least the 4G. Users are not able to connect to the Internet, while there is no inefficiency for calls. The problem could be due to a failure of some repeaters that has sent down the TIM network. Surely the technicians are already working to solve the problem and in the next few hours everything should be back to normal. We will follow the evolution of the situation and we will update you in the next hours.

Tim, why internet is not working

The problem with TIM 4G network could be due to a failure of some antennas located in Emilia Romagna, since most of the reports come from this area of Italy. Reading the messages of online users, the problem concerns only TIM 4G network. If you switch to the 3G network, the data connection is working again and you can surf the Internet. This trick can be very useful until the fault is fixed. Usually within a few hours these types of problems are resolved. We will keep you updated.

Update at 20:00

The problem seems to be solved. Users report that the network is working again.