TIM landline and internet are not working in Rome, what’s happening

The landline and internet of TIM are not working in Rome since 16:00 on September 19. Here's what's happening

From 16:00 on Thursday, September 19, the fixed network of TIM is not working in the city of Rome. The problems seem to concern only users who have fiber: it is not possible to connect to the Internet and not even to make phone calls. On downdetector.com, a website that collects users' reports when a service or an application does not work, there are dozens of comments from people reporting the failure.

Scrolling through users' messages, the problem seems to concern only the Capital. From North to South Rome, TIM customers with fiber cannot connect to the Internet and consequently cannot call. Some of them report that they are not even able to call 187 to report the fault and to receive technical assistance. For the moment TIM has not released any statement, but it is surely working to solve the problem/fault as soon as possible. It is probably a malfunction in some control unit that has sent KO the TIM fixed network in some areas of Rome.

Why TIM fiber is not working in Rome

Since 16:00 on September 19, TIM fiber has problems in Rome. Many users are reporting the absence of fiber signal and it is not even possible to make calls (the landline network passes through the fiber). The failure seems to be concentrated only in the area of Rome: all the reports of users on downdetector.com come from the capital. Most likely it is a problem in some control unit: TIM technicians are already working to solve the fault as soon as possible. We will keep you updated with the latest news.

Update 16:45. The fault should be solved