TIM launches a service against phone scams: how it works

TIM has launched a new service on its website that allows you to verify the partner code of call centers: here's how it works

Tim takes the field in defense of users and launches a new online service to combat fake call centers and phone scams. One of the most difficult plagues to fight for telephone operators are precisely the call centers that try to cheat people by offering fake subscriptions and asking for an advance payment. To prevent this kind of scams, TIM has launched a new page on its website where you can check the code of the call center operator who is calling you and check if he is a TIM partner.

Each call center that offers TIM phone subscriptions, in fact, must receive from the phone operator a code that distinguishes it and allows the user to identify it. Usually, the six-digit code is communicated by the call center operator at the beginning of the call. In case he doesn't do it, the user has every right to ask for it so that he can verify it on the TIM website. In addition to the possibility of verifying the authenticity of the partner code, TIM has also published tips on how to recognize call center scams. Very simple advice, but you need to know in order not to fall into the traps of crooks.

How does the TIM service against phone scams work

To verify that the call center is authorized to sell TIM offers you need to open the new section of the site and press the button "Verify partner code". At this point you can enter the six-digit code communicated at the beginning of the call by the call center operator. If the result of the check is positive, you can accept the new offer without any fear. In caso contrario, dovete contattare il 187 oppure inviare una mail a [email protected] e segnalare il tentativo di truffa.

Come riconoscere le truffe telefoniche

TIM offre anche dei consigli per riconoscere le truffe telefoniche intentate dai falsi call center e che non sono partner commerciali di TIM.

  • Propongono di attivare una nuova linea telefonica per risparmiare sulla bolletta mensile
  • Chiedono il codice di migrazione (o il codice segreto) senza nessun motivo apparente
  • Forniscono false informazioni su TIM, come “Telecom non esiste più, per cui deve cambiare operatore telefonico!“
  • Chiamate ripetute e insistenti.

Come riconoscere il personale o i partner di TIM

Un trucco per difendersi dalle truffe telefoniche è saper riconoscere il personale TIM.

  • Gli operatori del Servizio Clienti TIM ti contattano dal 187
  • I partner commerciali utilizzano un numero in chiaro e devono comunicare il loro codice partner
  • Verificare il codice partner sul sito di TIM.