TIM line problems June 25, what’s happening

Users of the former state monopolist seem to have problems accessing the Internet from both landlines and smartphones. What we know

Nasty morning, that of June 25 for TIM users. Since about 10 am, in fact, users of the former state monopoly are experiencing several problems to access the network. Whether you have a landline or a mobile line, it doesn't matter: navigation problems seem to affect both those who try to access the Internet from PC and smartphone.

To tell the truth, the first problems with the TIM line were recorded already in the morning of June 25, with dozens of users reporting likely malfunctions. Since late morning, however, things have been getting worse, with hundreds of reports on industry portals (DownDetector in particular) and on Twitter, where the hashtag #TIMdown has quickly gained strength. At the moment the phone company has not yet expressed itself on the incident, leaving online users groping a bit in the dark.

Tim line problems, what we know so far

About the failure that is affecting in these hours TIM users we know very little: the phone company, in fact, has not yet made known the possible causes of the malfunction, but it is very likely that technicians are already working to try to solve the fault. Analyzing the reports of the users and the resulting map, in fact, it is possible to assume that the malfunction concerns one of the sorting centers in the center and north of Italy.

The reports of malfunctioning of the TIM line, in fact, mainly concern the center-north, concentrating in the areas of the Po Valley (Emilia Romagna in particular). The southern regions, instead, seem to be "immune" to TIM technical problems, a sign that something is happening in the infrastructure of the north of the country.