TIM network outage, what happened between October 9 and 10

Since midnight today TIM has problems with the fixed network. Unable to make calls or surf with the home network. Here's what's happening

Nasty night for TIM users in various parts of Italy. From about midnight today, in fact, the fixed telephony service and the home Internet network have been down and, despite the technicians are working for several hours, in many areas there are still problems to make calls - for some it is also impossible to contact the TIM customer service - and surf online.

TIM informs that it was a temporary problem occurred during the last night to a data traffic line that has caused inconvenience to some customers only in relation to Internet browsing. Everything has lasted about 3 hours and has already returned in the early morning today.

The first reports have arrived on industry portals such as DownDetector in the middle of the night and, within minutes, have literally jumped, a sign that the problem concerns a very wide geographical area. Most of the reports have come from major Italian cities - Rome, Florence, Milan, Turin, Naples, Bologna - although, reading the comments of users, it seems that the failure that has sent TIM offline mainly affects the cities of north-west Italy, Lombardy in the lead. Regardless of the geographical area, the reports of TIM down all report the same symptoms: inability to make calls and surf the Internet, with serious difficulties in contacting technical assistance.

TIM down October 10, 2019, what we know so far

The problem to the TIM fixed network suddenly appeared around midnight today, involving a large number of users scattered mainly in the center-north of the Peninsula. The technicians have immediately started to work on the fault, solving most of it within a couple of hours. In the morning, in spite of everything, there were still many reports of users - especially in big cities - unable to use their landline or Internet line at home.

Given the wide geographical area affected by the malfunction, it is possible to assume that, perhaps during a night maintenance operation, something did not go right, knocking out several local exchanges, with the inability to channel data and voice traffic to peripheral exchanges. If this is the case, it is likely that TIM technicians are completing the repair operations and within a few tens of minutes everything should be working again.