TIM not working May 7, what’s going on

Since very early Monday morning, both home phones and TIM smartphones have been ringing off the hook. Still unknown the cause of the problem

Those who have never experienced a phone disruption, either at home or on their smartphone, raise your hand. It doesn't take too much to imagine that, in a hypothetical audience, the hands raised will be very few or almost none. They will be even less this morning, given what is happening with the fixed and mobile network of TIM.

Already from the first light of dawn, in fact, many users of the former state monopoly are experiencing inefficiencies and malfunctions both to make calls from home, and to surf (and call) from smartphone. Since about 6:30 am dozens of reports have started to arrive on the various portals of the sector - downdetector.it in particular - and, despite several hours have passed, the Telecom Italia network is still not fully restored. Non c’è da restare sorpresi, dunque, se TIM down è diventato uno degli hashtag dominanti la mattinata di moltissimi italiani, alla ricerca di capire cosa sta succedendo con la loro linea telefonica.

Perché TIM non fa chiamare né navigare

mappa.pngFonte foto: Downdetector.it

La mappa dei malfunzionamenti di TIM nella mattina del 7 maggio

Il problema con la linea telefonica TIM sembra essere piuttosto esteso, a guardare la cartina realizzata con le varie segnalazioni inviate online dagli utenti. TIM down in tutta Italia, dunque, e la situazione non sembra affatto migliorare, anzi. Vista la portata, si potrebbe ipotizzare che il principale gestore telefonico italiano stia accusando malfunzionamenti a livello di rete: magari una o più centrali di controllo sono fuori uso, con gravi ripercussioni per la qualità (e disponibilità) del servizio. However, despite the fact that several hours have already passed since TIM is not working, it seems to be still early to advance any kind of hypothesis: no clarification about the nature of the problems is coming from Telecom and in the meantime users/customers are waiting for their phone or smartphone to ring again.

A rather unlucky period, for the former state monopolist. Not more than a few weeks ago, in fact, its users were unable to access Google, nor to use most of Big G's services (like Gmail, for example) from their smartphones.