TIM not working today, what’s happening

The network of the former telephone monopolist is out of order since about 7 pm today, November 20. Neither home phones nor the cellular line work: what happened?

Day of malfunctions today. After the down of Instagram, which made unreachable the social network of proriety of Facebook in the early hours of the afternoon, this evening also TIM does not go. The former state monopolist accuses problems both to the fixed network and to the mobile network since the early evening of November 20.

The first reports, in fact, arrived around 19:00, to suddenly surge at about 19:30. TIM is down in most of the Peninsula, even if the greatest number of malfunctions comes from the big cities of Northern Italy (Turin, Milan, Venice, Bologna). Obviously, also the big cities of Southern Italy are not exempt: many users complain that TIM is not working in Rome, Naples, Palermo and Florence. In short, a very widespread problem that, as we said, has put out of use both landlines (and, consequently, also the ADSL and Fiber Internet connection) and the mobile line.

TIM down on November 20, what we know

About the failure that has made TIM unreachable we know, at the moment, still little. Beyond the information that can be collected through industry portals (such as Down Detector) and social networks (Twitter on all), not much else is known. Some users, even, complain on Twitter of not being able to reach even the TIM customer service, assuming that even the support services of the telephone operator are affected by the failure.

As we said, a malfunction rather extensive, which seems to have spared only some areas of south-eastern Italy (Puglia and, in part, Basilicata), affecting all the rest of the Boot. All that can be done is to hypothesize a failure that concerns one of the main junctions of the TIM telephone network (perhaps one or more fiber backbones), which has put out of use all TIM services and complicated not a little the evening of Italian users.