TIM official recharge cuts of 4 and 6 euros: how they work

The former monopolist introduces two new recharge cuts that do not fall within the "Ricarica+" operation. Currently only available in physical stores

New "small cuts" for TIM's phone top-ups: the mobile operator has in fact introduced new 4 euro and 6 euro top-ups. This is reported by MondoMobileWeb, which has received reports from some TIM users.

These top-ups are currently available only in TIM physical stores. It is likely that soon they will also arrive on the Lottomatica circuit, then also at tobacconists, bars and newsstands. No sightings neither of the 4 euro top-up and the 6 euro top-up on the MyTIM app nor on the official website of the operator. TIM, therefore, is reviewing the cuts of the recharge, shortly after launching offers "Operator Attack", aimed at attracting users from other operators, and after presenting the so-called "Ricarica +". At the moment, however, the top-up sizes that can be selected on the tim.it website remain unchanged.

Ricarica TIM: i tagli disponibili

The 5 euro and 10 euro top-ups disappeared from TIM stores and the Lottomatica circuit months ago. At the moment, therefore, you can recharge of 4 or 6 euros (with 4 or 6 euros of traffic included and no additional cost) only in TIM stores. You can recharge with 10, 15, 25 or 50 euros on the Tim.it website. There are also offers Ricarica+ that, however, together with the recharge activate a paid promotion: Ricarica 5+ costs 5 euros and together with 4 euros of recharge offers unlimited minutes and data to be used by 23:59 the next day, while Ricarica 10+ costs 10 euros, recharges 9 euros of phone credit and offers unlimited data and minutes until 23:59 the next day.

TIM: new offers Operator Attack

With "Operator Attack" means an offer reserved for those who switch to an operator coming from another operator (or more operators, but not all). Basically they are used to take customers away from a specific group of competitors. TIM has recently launched two of these offers: TIM Supreme 50 GB and TIM Titanium X.

The first is dedicated to those coming from Iliad, Fastweb and all virtual operators except Kena, ho.Mobile and Lycamobile. With 5.99 euros per month offers unlimited minutes and 50 GB of 4G data per month. The second is dedicated to those coming from Wind, Three, Iliad, Fastweb and a virtual operator except Kena Mobile, ho.Mobile and Lycamobile). It costs 9.99 euros per month and offers unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS and 50 GB of 4G traffic per month.