Tim presents the digital services of the future thanks to 5G

TIM presents in Rimini the digital applications of 5G: from smart benches for the smart city, to Li-Fi technology for data transmission

At the 40th Meeting for Friendship among Peoples scheduled in Rimini from August 18 to 24, TIM is also present with an area dedicated to new technologies and new services that will contribute to the development of the country. The telephone operator has focused mainly on the applications of 5G in real life.

TIM presented in recent weeks its 5G offer, active for the moment in Rome, Turin and Naples, but by the end of the year will also arrive in Milan, Bologna, Verona, Florence, Matera and Bari. The goal is to cover over 120 cities, 200 tourist destinations and 245 industrial districts by 2021. But to encourage the development and adoption of the super-fast connection by companies and users it is necessary to develop ad hoc services and applications. And this is exactly what TIM is doing and will show during the event in Rimini. People will be able to experience the use of technology thanks to 5G: visit museums and monuments with virtual reality, make a city smart thanks to sensors and data analysis, play online without any kind of latency and slowdown.

The telephone operator has also dedicated an area to the most innovative Italian startups grown within the Open Innovation TIM WCAP program. It will be possible to experience data transmission through Li-Fi technology, or discover Kaitiaki, a service that allows to analyze the social profile of kids and warns parents in case of cyberbullying danger. Here is all that TIM has brought to the 40th Meeting for Friendship among Peoples in Rimini.

TIM, the real applications of 5G

To make users understand what 5G really is, TIM decided to show at the Rimini event how to use the ultra-fast connection in everyday life. For example, it will be possible to make immersive remote visits with virtual reality of the main Italian tourist attractions. The Smart City Control Room, on the other hand, is how TIM imagines the city of the future. Thanks to sensors positioned in every corner of the street, it is possible to analyze the data collected and manage traffic, parking, street lighting and waste collection in the best possible way. Also in this area is the smart bench equipped with Wi-Fi, USB ports for charging smartphones and multimedia elements.

TIM also showed how 5G will change the world of entertainment. Thanks to the super-fast connection there will be no problem in streaming games, or in listening to music and watching movies and TV series from the smartphone.

The startups that will change the country

With the Open Innovation TIM WCAP program, the Italian company has followed the growth of some innovative startups. And an area of the fair will be dedicated to them. There will be the startup To Be that has developed solutions for Li-Fi technology that allows the transmission of data through LED light. For Italy, this is an innovative solution that has never been used before: the first tests were carried out at the Archaeological Park of Pompeii and were successful.

For the world of children and education there is Kaitiaki, an online service that analyzes the social profiles of children and warns parents in case of danger. Marshmellow Games, on the other hand, is an educational app that presents school subjects in a fun way.

TIM's 5G Network in Italy

For the moment, TIM's 5G network is present in Rome, Turin and Naples, but by the end of the year it will reach another 6 cities: Milan, Bologna, Verona, Florence, Matera and Bari. TIM's goal is to cover over 120 cities by 2021 and bring the super-fast network to 245 industrial districts to facilitate the growth of Italian businesses. Download speeds will be increased progressively until they reach 10Gbps.