TIM, recharge cuts change: what happens

The 10 euro recharge of TIM provides credit only for 9 euros and allows to participate in the prize draw. Here's what changes for users

New for TIM users: from May 26th the 10 euro top-up will no longer provide 10 euro of credit, but only 9€ to which bonuses and promotions will be added, such as the possibility to have unlimited minutes, messages and giga for one day. The new type of recharge is only available in Lottomatica and Sisal's betting shops, while online the 10 euro recharge will still give 10€ of credit.

The new cut is part of the Ricarica+ e Vinci 2019 initiative launched by TIM to build loyalty among its customers and reward them with bonuses and promotions. Already in previous months some cuts had undergone this makeover and gave the possibility to sacrifice a few euros of recharge to participate in the prize draw. Now it has been extended to the top-up cut probably most used by users to renew their monthly subscription. We'll see if in the coming months the 10 euro Ricarica+ e Vinci 2019 will also be extended in tobacconists, bars, newsstands and on TIM's website.

How Ricarica+ e Vinci 2019 works

Initially Ricarica+ e Vinci 2019 was offered as an alternative to traditional top-ups: by adding 1 or 2 euros to the chosen denomination you participated in the prize draw and received bonuses such as the possibility unlimited minutes, SMS and giga for one day. In the last period TIM has changed its strategy and replaced the "normal" top-ups with Ricarica+. For example, if you want to make a 5 euro top-up, only 4 euro will be credit, while the remaining euro is used to participate in the draw.

The choice of TIM to bring Ricarica+ also on the 10 euro denomination, will change the "economic" strategies of users. Many monthly subscriptions, in fact, are from 9.99 euros, and with the new recharge will not be possible to cover the cost, forcing the user to make a recharge of at least 15 euros. As mentioned at the beginning, however, for the moment Ricarica+ from 10 euros is active only in the Lottomatica and Sisal receivers.