TIM residual credit problem, what’s happening

Since today morning, some TIM users have found themselves debits for several thousand euros on their phone account. Here's what's going on

If you have a rechargeable TIM SIM card, be careful to check your remaining credit: you may receive nasty surprises. Just take a trip on various social networks - Twitter in particular - to find out that several users have found themselves with outsized charges that have plunged some users' remaining credit into negative territory.

When going to check the status of their phone account, some TIM customers have noticed that their remaining credit was negative. And not by a few cents, as can happen when you exceed the data threshold of your tariff plan and you end up using up the money on your card. As we read around, in fact, some users have found themselves with charges for several thousand euros, with the remaining credit in negative for over 4,000 euros. Obviously, the users who have been victims of this strange phenomenon have suffered inefficiencies on several fronts, first of all the impossibility to make calls or surf online with the data connection of the mobile device.

How come the TIM residual credit is negative

As soon as the first reports arrived to the TIM customer care, the technicians of the telephone operator started to investigate the incident. Obviously, it has been ascertained that the users have nothing to do with the out-of-measure charges, recognizing the intervention of an external hand that would have inflated (in negative) the accounts of users with rechargeable SIM. Specifically, internal TIM sources say that the operation would seem to be the work of a hacker (or a group of hackers) who would have acted for reasons still unknown. Probably, who has acted will have wanted to show the presumable lack of adequate security measures in TIM systems. Anyway, don't worry: TIM technicians are working to restore everything as soon as possible and it is not to be excluded that already in the next few hours everything will be restored, including your original credit.