TIM, slow mobile and fixed network problems, what’s happening

This morning the TIM mobile network experienced an inefficiency that slowed the connection speed. The problem was resolved in a few hours

Update 4:30 pm. Press note Tim

Respecting the inefficiency of this morning TIM has published a press note:

"TIM informs that the temporary problem recorded this morning for a few hours by some fixed and mobile customers has already been resolved. TIM has promptly taken all appropriate actions to resolve a network anomaly that has led to a slowdown in Internet browsing for some customers and for others discontinuity of the 4G mobile voice service evolved (VoLTE)."

Original article

Since this morning (March 5, 2020) we have been reporting problems of slowness with the TIM fixed and mobile network in the province of Milan and Bergamo. On downdetector.com, a site used to report when an app or a service is not working, there are dozens of comments from users. All of them point out the same disservice: very slow network that doesn't allow to launch a YouTube video or open a page of a website.

The problem concerns both the fixed network (where no disservices are reported for calls) and the mobile network. For the moment the causes of the inefficiency are not known, but most likely it is a problem that concerns the infrastructure network of TIM. The slowness concerns only the provinces of Milan and Bergamo, at least so it seems from the comments left by users online. TIM is already working to solve the malfunction and in the next few hours the situation will improve.

Why TIM fixed and mobile network is slow today

Download speed at 0.1Mbps, ping higher than 1000 and website pages that open only after a few minutes. This is the situation that many TIM users are experiencing since 9:00 am on March 5, 2020. Many have contacted the TIM customer service that has assured that there are no problems on the line. What is the reason for the slowness experienced by many users on the TIM fixed and mobile network? For the moment we don't know, but we will continue to monitor the situation and keep us updated.