Tim, Vodafone and Wind Tre, the remodulations of the offers arrive

Tim, Vodafone and Wind 3 have announced tariff remodulations that affect thousands of users. Here's what's changing and what the increases are

A leopard can't change its spots: this year, too, the summer increases in phone rates are coming. The three main Italian operators, Tim, Vodafone and Wind 3, have announced to their customers increases in tariffs that can reach up to three euros per month.

The announcement, as always and as required by law, arrived via SMS 30 days in advance. The remodulations affect mainly the oldest and cheapest rates, thus resetting the so-called "Iliad effect" that in recent months had shaken (in favor of users) the mobile market. Again according to current regulations, once the SMS announcing the price increase has been received, the user can choose whether to accept or reject it, changing operator at no extra cost. In most cases, along with the increase in rates, users also receive the "sweetener" of a few more gigs of free traffic or unlimited calls.

Tim: price increases summer 2019

The rates of Tim's rechargeable plans go up by 1.99 euros per month. The increase will take place at the first useful renewal (i.e. in the period June 13-July 12) and those who adhere to the remodulation will get in return 20 GB of free data traffic every month, for a year, or unlimited minutes for free. It will not be the customer to choose: it will depend on the contract signed.

Vodafone: tariff increases summer 2019

From July 27, 2019 change the rates of Vodafone for rechargeable plans. At renewal, in fact, if the user has not run out of credit, he can continue to use the SIM to call Italian landlines and mobile numbers and to surf both in Italy and the EU. All this at a cost of 99 cents, for 24 hours and with a possible renewal up to 48 hours. Previously, however, the user who had run out of credit could not make calls or surf. From June 29, however, the cost of some Vodafone offers will increase by 1.98 euros per month and in return you will receive 20 gigs of traffic per month for the first year.

Wind Tre: price increases summer 2019

In the case of Wind, however, the price increases of the rates date back to June 16 and come up to 3 euros per month (2 euros for Wind Smart plans). In return you get 50 gigs per month or unlimited minutes. The Super Internet 5GB, Super Internet Summer, Super Internet 10GB and Super Internet 20GB rates also increase by €2. Users get an extra 30 GB in return.