TIM wants to eliminate voicemail

Since November 17 on all new TIM SIMs, voicemail is not active. Here's how to activate it

If there is an additional paid service offered by telephone operators that is little used, and much hated, it is certainly the answering machine. On TIM users, however, voicemail may soon disappear.

The telecommunications company, in fact, as of November 17 will no longer automatically activate voicemail on new SIM cards sold. Those already circulating, however, continue to have this service as in the past, which can be deactivated manually, while those who want to use the answering machine on a new SIM must request its activation. The charges on the phone credit caused by the activation of voicemail by the called user have long been the subject of criticism from all operators, especially those that are triggered when the number is busy or unreachable.

Telephone answering machine: what changes on new TIM cards

Those who buy a new TIM SIM card today will no longer find voicemail among the activated services. Not even the information modules provided with the SIM card make reference to this service anymore. However, if you need to activate the service, you can do so by calling the answering machine 40920, Customer Service at 119, or using the MyTIM app.

How to deactivate the answering machine

For those who are already long-time TIM customers, however, nothing changes: if you do not want the answering machine you have to deactivate it manually. You can do it in several ways: with the MyTIM app, entering the MyTIM Mobile area and selecting the tab Services > Configure from the Call Management menu; or by calling 40920 if you follow the instructions of the automatic answering machine: or, finally, by typing the following codes: ##21# ENTER (to disable the voicemail on all calls), #67# ENTER (to disable it when our number is busy), ##61# ENTER (when we can not answer), ##62# ENTER (when we are not reachable).

Telephone answering machine: how to activate it

Those who have just bought a new TIM SIM and want to activate the answering machine, can do it through 40920 or 119, through the MyTIM app (with the same procedure as before) or using these codes: **21*41919# ENTER (all calls), **67*41919# ENTER (only on busy), **61*41919# ENTER (when you can't answer), **62*41919# ENTER (when unreachable).