Tim’s official eSims in Italy: how to activate them, how much they cost

The virtual SIMs of the former state monopolist can be requested at TIM stores for 15 euros. To use them you need to follow a simple procedure

This is it: they are still few and hard to find in official stores, but they have arrived as announced in recent days. They are the eSIM of TIM, one of the first Italian operators that has implemented the "SIM card without card".

The eSIM, in fact, is a virtual SIM: there is no physical SIM to be inserted into the smartphone, but it is the smartphone itself to contain the technology necessary to hook up to the cellular network of any operator implements this standard. For this reason, there are still few devices compatible with eSIM, but their number will grow quickly. Reading the first testimonials appeared on the net, on social networks and forums, it would seem that the eSIMs of TIM work without any problem and offer what they promise. All at a cost of 15 euros, then comparable to that of a traditional SIM.

How to activate eSIM TIM

First of all, you need to buy an eSIM TIM at one of the physical stores of the former state monopolist. You will be given a card similar to the one you receive today for the SIM, but without a physical card. In its place we will find a QR code to use to configure compatible devices.

Smartphones that integrate eSIM technology, in fact, all have a specific section dedicated to it within the connection settings. Here we will find the option to scan the QR code printed on the plastic card of the eSIM (which, of course, no longer contains the physical SIM inside). Once scanned, it's just a matter of seconds: the smartphone searches for the network and connects, without further user intervention (which can, however, give a name to the connection and choose whether to use the eSIM for data connection). That's it, that's all, the eSIMs of TIM (and all other operators) are activated in this way.


To buy an eSIM TIM you have to go to one of the Telecom stores and ask for one. If you want, you can also transform a physical SIM into an eSIM in a few minutes. The cost of the eSIM TIM is 15 euros.

eSIM TIM: the advantages

The main advantage of using an eSIM TIM is the ability to transform a single SIM smartphone in a dual SIM: you keep the physical SIM inserted in the slot and add the virtual one. On the display will appear both names of operators and you can use alternately one or the other, as with true dual SIM smartphones. There's no change in signal reception or connection speed, however: they're identical to what you'd get with a physical SIM from the same operator.

When using dual SIMs, of course, there will be a small impact on battery life. Otherwise, even with eSIMs, you can do number portability and switch operators (but if the new operator doesn't use eSIMs yet, they'll send you a physical SIM, so no dual SIM). Transferring an eSIM from one compatible smartphone to another is also a breeze: when you activate the eSIM on the second device (again via the QR Code procedure), immediately the other one loses connection.