Tinder online, the web version available in Italy in preview

Tinder is releasing in our country, in preview, the web version of its service. Let's see how it works and how to register

Many of you will know Tinder, and someone will have even used it. It is one of the most popular dating apps in recent times. Until now, the application for love dating was available only for smartphones, but now the developers have announced the web version for the first time in Italy.

The developers of the application for love dating took this decision for several reasons. First of all, because an overview of the various accounts and photos directly from the computer screen is qualitatively better than scrolling on the display of a smartphone. Also, in this way the application will be able to expand its users. Not everyone, in fact, has 4G connections or smartphones with enough storage space for Tinder. Of course we're not talking about a heavy application, but this will prevent us from removing our games or other favorite apps from our smartphones.

How it works

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The web version of Tinder will have fewer features, at least during the preview period, then it should be identical to the one still used on smartphones. To use it just go to Tinder.com from any web browser. If you do not have an account you can also register using your Facebook profile. At this point we'll have to choose a photo of ourselves and upload it, and then write a small biography describing ourselves and our interests. From that moment on we can start searching for the perfect soul. The Tinder web version is currently available in preview only in some countries. Among them are: Argentina, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines and Sweden. In case you can't log in with Facebook the developers are working on a verification code access via SMS.

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